About HRLife

Jemma and Kerry always knew having their own business was a shared future goal, but the timing was never quite right.  Working closely together in the corporate world for 14 years supporting similar clients and working the same market gave them the grounding and commercial insight to go it alone… so 2017 was when the HRLife story really began!

"2017… where do we begin? We had so much fun deciding on the business name, creating logos and websites, and working out who would do what! If you’ve ever worked with someone as long as we had, you’ll know how often you’re both thinking the same thing!  Our shared vision of providing a personalised and high-touch approach was what we founded the business on and it still underpins how we work today."

Jemma Rawlins

''Over the years, many of our clients worked with us both at the same time and often said we came as a pair! So to be business partners made absolute sense. We both love getting to know people as we're naturally inquisitive and enjoy listening to people's career stories, so for us having the HRLife strapline of, 'People people' was an obvious choice. "

Kerry Miller

“We set up HRLife in response to the increasing demand for knowledgeable and experienced HR recruiters – who not only knew the market place and could give practical and honest advice but who also cared about the outcome and wanted to invest time in really understanding and getting to know people.

3 years on that is still our aim. We genuinely want to add value to a recruitment process and partner with people who feel that we understand them and have a real handle on the market”